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Industrial IOT

Industrial Internet of Things or IIOT as it is also known is the application of the principals of IoT in an industrial setting, this is in the simplest form. What in means in reality is the use of sensors and instrumentation to manage, measure and analyse industrial settings. IoT in the everyday sense is seen in the form of smart homes, connected cars and an endless future of possibilities.

Simple IIoT

A small logistics company with a fleet of 5 trucks can use IoT technology to track their trucks across the country whilst they are out on delivery. They can use sensors to measure the speed at which the trucks are driven and at which times. When the trucks arrive at the company depot a manifest of what is to be loaded can be generated from the current orders in the system, this is then sent out the mobile devices of all the warehouse operatives assembling a team ready to fill the trucks for their next round of deliveries

This is a simplistic and hypothetical scenario based on a fictional company and workforce. However the idea that many devices and operations can be triggered in a set pattern due to a sensed event (the truck arriving at the depot) opens a whole variety of manners in which IIoT can be used even in a very simple way. This is before getting to the exciting part of crunching all the data collected and applying Data Science to increase efficiences in the process.